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Know the history

The vision was born from a dream, the dream of being  pioneers in growing, packaging, and exporting the green gold, Mexican avocados, grown in the High Mountains in the State of Veracruz, Mexico.

For almost 200 years, coffee was the economic engine that boosted this region, specifically the city of Córdoba, Veracruz. The extraordinary coffee of Córdoba was catalogued by several experts as Mexico’s finest.

The weather and soil conditions which are responsible for Cordoba’s fine coffee are similar to those needed by avocados. Fun fact, both of these crops share the same nickname… green gold!

When the coffee boom came to an end, we dedicated ourselves to finding high quality crops, with steady demand, and constant value. All while keeping in mind our advantage of a reliable  land and the devotion and enthusiasm of our people in Veracruz. 

That is how “Finca Aguacatera Bueno” was born, a 120 acre farm with one of the world's most popular and healthy fruits, the avocado.


Hass and Mendez Hass Avocados

1200 meters above sea level. 120 hectares.




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